The ultraviolet rays are not strong in winter...but why do you still have to keep skin care, why? That is because the internal damage of the skin has not been well repaired, which is the skin problems accumulated day by day.
This time Beautymatome will introduce to you the strongest weapon that can help you repair skin damage and brighten and whiten your skin!

Forget the konkatsu-activities for marriage, play it as much as you can-! Skiing is still necessary in winter! In the night Ah, sunburn?! Due to the direct sunlight and reflected light, the skin is greatly damaged by ultraviolet that so~?! But what to do if get freckles~ Hey~ ...En? Why your face looks well?! What? Transparent feeling~ Because I have been using this product! "AMPLEUR Luxury White Lotion AO II" Ah, what's that?! Dang-dang The Hydroquinone, a kind of whitening agent contains in this product,  can easily solve the problems of skin aging such as brown spots and skin dehydration, and help repair the damage accumulated inside the skin! Oxygen, light, heat Protector (BCDAC) Tap the face slightly after smearing, can knock back melanin?! And! There are four superior original AMPLEUR ingredient that blocked in the Nanocapsule. AO Nanocapsules! "Speed attack type Vitamin C derivatives It has special effects of speed attack and stability, which has a direct effect on the skin." "Resveratrol Resveratrol can activate ""Sirtuin"", a kind of longevity gene" "Alpha-Lipoic Acid can regenerate oxidized vitamins C and E in the body" "Maqui Berry Extract whose antioxidative composition is 20 times higher than lemon and 2.9 times higher than wild blueberry" Feels so good! Then the melanin will not be produced in the skin?! Gokuri... The three Ceramides with excellent skin affinity and permeability will lock the moisture inside the skin to prevent dryness and external irritation! Ah, it's thick and moist, feels so great! "Yeah, this product will give you beautiful skin from three directions,  which is the strongest beauty product that can improve the overall beauty of your skin!" "Triple Effect" Luxuryーwhitening "Efficient whitening... new calming Hydroquinone Metabolism + moisturizing whitening...Triple Ceramide, Collagen, Placenta Extract Keep (lock) whitening...AO Nanocapsule, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, K2" Rest assured! But it will be better if you tell me earlier Sorry, sorry,the look-ahead feeling is really wonderful What are you doing in the company? Friendship of girls Have a big hug At weekend I'm interested in skiing and I like other outdoor activities as well. Ah, no wonder your skin is so good! To be continued

Miki and Shiho, who have been succeeded in repelling skin damage and holding beauty, will be better if their konkatsu can also go smoothly like this...
Next time, Moteko will teach you the LINE (social software) skills to capture the hearts of boys. Stay tuned♡


Character Profiles Moteko(32) Sunny,thoughtful,glamorous lady.Everybody is all over her regardless of gender. Miki(29) Cant’t throw away dreamy delusion.Easy going girl. Shiho(28) Boyish straight girl.Not care about beauty.


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