In fact, there are a lot of hidden freckles under your skin.These freckle reserve armies!
It seems that more and more people start to worry about freckles from their late twenties.If you think ""I'm still young""and don't care about it,
freckle reserve armies will evolve to freckles!? This time, I will introduce to you a skin care item that will revolutionize the freckles on your skin!

How's it going lately? I can have a date…but haven't find my deciding factor. Me too〜… …Wow? Miki... Is this... A freckle...? "Oh no! It couldn't be. Wow" What are you trying to hide while saying!? Finally...! It finally came!" "We're going to grow old without getting married. Oh no Don't give up yet, both of you! Creak Moteko! From the toilet immediately!? It's the time to use this! Ta-dah "AMPLEUR Luxury White Melaluminous"!! " What's amazing is now a new stable type of hydroquinone that blocks the cause of the freckles, and the melaluminous-peptide that cut the route of melanin off from the initial stage have a " Miracle Encounter... Mi…miracle!? It suppresses the function of melanocytes, which is a pigment cell, and does not surface melanin. "Tyrosinase, TRP-1, TRP-2 The enzyme that blacken the color in the process until the freckles form   " "MITF Factors that produce three enzymes Melanocyte  " "Give firmness and elasticity! Reduce inflammation" In addition, the skin shines from the inside by blocking from the root seven factors that become the origin of freckles, dullness! "Melanin Melaluminous-peptide and new stable type of hydroquinone " "Firmness and elasticity decrease Vitamin C derivative" "Thickening randy  Hydrolysed yeast " "Inflammation Glycyrrhetinic acid stearyl " "Decreased blood flow  Tocopherol" "Dryness Ceramide Hyaluronic Acid Na Squalane" "Saccharification Pot Weed Extract Horseradish seed extract " This bottle will help fix the damage that you receive now and received in the past. It's just a brightening revolution!! Wow Amazing! We don't have to give up yet!! "When did these many people gathered! It seems that many of us are worrying about this. " Later This person!I met a person called!  A miracle encounter!? I have to work hard!

The prevention of the freckles is perfect!
Miki and Shiho found hope of the future!
The future they draw will actually be…?
Next time, it is said that Moteko will teach you the habit to lose weight? Stay tuned♪

Character Profiles Moteko(32) Sunny,thoughtful,glamorous lady.Everybody is all over her regardless of gender. Miki(29) Cant’t throw away dreamy delusion.Easy going girl. Shiho(28) Boyish straight girl.Not care about beauty.


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