Is there a girl around you that "not a beauty, but has high popularity"? In fact, such girls who can't be called a big beauty have their own magic code of popularity, that is the "chat skills".This time, Beautymatome will introduce to you the chat skills for popular girls which can capture boys easily.

Popular girls are all listening masters! ! Just by chiming in with others can draw everyone together! And then? What happened then?

Because the boys always want to ""show their best faces"", sometimes they always talk about themselves. To be honest, people who listen to it may feel ""a bit boring"", but, the chat skills of the popular girls are just just from the interest!!
When listening, not only chiming in with him, but to constantly ask questions and deepen conversation so as to open the boy's heart. In this way, the boy can not only speak comfortably, but also feel ""ah, she is interested in me--"" and begin to care about her.

Great response! Ah~~ Really~~? ? There is such a thing~!

A particularly important point of chat skills for popular girls is great response and strengthen the reaction with gesture and the answer like "really???". Instead, when you are chatting, have you feel that your expression will behave like "is it true?" and "really--???"There must be great change to the chatting?

Indispensable joys and sorrows!! Yes, it is! Really looking forward to it. That just isn't good enough! You must feel unwell...

Besides listening to him, you'd better fit in him, if he is talking about the sad things, just shed tears together.. and laugh together for happy things!! The boy's heart will be taken away by the girl who has shown her emotions and expressions to him.
However, when you are listening with a smile, sometimes others will feel ""Do you really listen""?! So it is the key to show your joys and sorrows naturally and show your the other side without polishing.

Popular girls are "praising masters" I. To praise with the following sight(looking up) I never expect that you know this, oh, so good! You know everything well

The habitual chat skill is praise. With a full respect, simply praise others. A boy who is praised by a girl will unconditionally feel "she is so cute" when facing her.

II. to show identity with the same line of sight So cool you are

If the other person in the same position praises "really cool" "you worked so hard" and so on, the boys will feel satisfied from the bottom of their hearts. It is not to flatter him on the other side, but to give him a clear recognition.

III. To praise with mother's sight (looking down) "You share the responsibilities of everyone, so great, but don't force yourself to much!" IV. To praise before others You are very leadership, really amazing I'd like to learn from you too

Boys are usually simpler than girls, so once they are praised before others, they will be very happy. It is very appropriate to say the points you like him or respect him before others.

V. To praise his strong points that others have never discovered Thank you, you are a good teacher This is the first time someone says about me...

For someone you don't like, it is difficult for you to find out his good qualities. If you could find out his strong points others have never discovered, even if you don't say "I like you" to the boy, it can also convey your love.

It is harmless to grasp these popular techniques!

What do you think? Hottest girls will use these skills “unconsciously” in conversations. if facing the girls deserved to talk, the boys may make a judgment that "I feel we can develop a good relationship in the future". Girls don’t need to force themselves to cater to others, but you should take a look at these chatting skills♪

Character Profiles Moteko(32) Sunny,thoughtful,glamorous lady.Everybody is all over her regardless of gender. Miki(29) Cant’t throw away dreamy delusion.Easy going girl. Shiho(28) Boyish straight girl.Not care about beauty.

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