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What are the popular videos in Japan in 2018-2019 ?!

In the past few years, it can be said that Japan has been in the sengoku period of videos, as the beginning with YouTube, the video publishing websites and applications such as Facebook、Instagram、NICONICO DOUGA、TikTok、Twitch have become a hot trend among young dwellers. Among these video media, we want to introduce to you the entertainment-type video platform that is now popular in Japan!

A wide variety of video media types! community moives and sports

Video media can be divided into several categories. This time we have summarized the popular websites and applications for specific entertainment-type videos, including TV/movie type, game type, community type, cooking type, and sports type.

Recommended for people who want to watch Japanese TV shows for free!

Those who want to watch Japanese TV dramas and anime and who want to learn Japanese through video must watch! There are many apps in Japan that can watch videos for free (some a pay television). But usually only people living in Japan can download and watch videos on these apps and websites, and most overseas people can't watch them. Now, we have brought good news to such people who can't watch! Japan's AmebaTV has already provided free-to-view programs, regardless of region! And such service will be gradually expanded to the whole world.

From the era of "playing" games to the era of "watching" games game live players

In recent years, starting with e-sports, people around the world have begun to watch games competition, while the game action is in full swing. Sometimes the live descriptions are made by the viewers, and sometimes the publishers make broadcast live while playing, so the live release or broadcasts of the games on Youtube and NICONNICO DOUGA are very active. And Twitch, which focuses on game release, is also very popular.

Community videos are growing day by day! youtuber

Youtube, TikTok, and NICONICO DOUGA are all very popular in Japan. The publishers will create a community and continue to post videos. According to the survey, on the "Ranking List for Work You Want to Do" for schoolboys, the video anchors such as YouTuber are among the top 10 in primary school students, junior high school students, and high school students. In addition, in recent years, the virtual characters who are called "VTuber" such as Kizuna AI and Kaguya Luna and so on are also prominent, attracting a large audience as a brand new attempt so as to set off a wave. Youtube's community video is usually about 5 to 10 minutes long, while TikTok is usually a short 15-second video, which greatly reduces the threshold for video submissions, so it is very popular among junior high school students.

"Data sources:  Japan Association for Financial Planners' ""2017 Ranking List for Work Elementary School Students Want to Do""  Gakken's ""Investigation on the Daily Life, Study and Freedom Research of Elementary School Students""  Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd.'s questionnaire on ""What Kind of Work Do You Want to Do in the Future"""

The professional video media represented by 17live and Showroom are also quite active. Making real-time communication between viewers and idols and entertainers through live broadcasts are the biggest highlight of these platforms. Because both sides can interact and communicate with each other, so it is also their advantage to be able to post comments and support in real time.

A giant leap for the cuisine videos and sport videos!

The cuisine videos such as kurashiru and DELISH KITCHEN are also growing rapidly. Although they are just the videos of recipe, yet it is more intuitive to see the "production steps" than the text on the books, which is the key to their popularity. The future development of the video media with the theme of popular “eat”will also attract more attention!

beat the eggs to ...

As for the media of sport videos, the representative is DAZN etc. Although they are paid program, it allows the audience to watch the sports events they like whenever they want, and the types of sports videos on the platform are extensive and numerous. In addition, all football matches of the J League are also broadcast live on DAZN, which has become a necessary video media for the current sports fans for its unprecedented new broadcast mode.

Just like this, Japan is now also enjoying the video boom like other countries in the world. With the coming of ""5G"", the fifth-generation mobile communication system, the demand for video will increase rapidly. If you want to learn the Japanese fashion trend or learn Japanese, we recommend you to watch these video on these sites and apps!
Or, you can also try to be the publisher of a video?

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