At present, it is not anyone else who decides whether or not you are "happy", but yourself. If you always view things pessimistically, you will never feel happy. Here, Moteko will introduce to you the easy way to have happy disposition. Please get started from what you can do.

I.Cherish the interpersonal relationships around you

When you meet with someone, you can finely feel her emotion and mood through her appearance, expression, tone, physical contact, etc. It is just such conscious experiences which you can build a good communication.
Cherishing the interactions with other people in life can help you maintain a deeper relationship with your favorite people. In these interactions, you may get some unexpected proposal from others, or spend a period of wonderful time that you may forget some annoying things. This is the happiness which the interpersonal communication bring to us.

II. Develop your favorite interests from the bottom of your heart

Most people who are good at translating negative thoughts must have a interest that they love to do even if they are alone. When doing such things, they could empty their mind, concentrate on it and enjoy it. No matter what kind of interest, making cookies, doing some sewing, playing an instrument and so on. Doing exercise can also take the pressure off, so it is also recommended that you can go for a run or do yoga. People who are good at changing their moods are also dynamic and fascinating to the people around them. It is also one of the techniques of happiness to create time that makes you feel happy.

III. Show smiles Hey, what's up? Hohoho

Even if you just manage to raise the corner of your mouth, brain will judge that you are in a "laugh state." Although it is a bit unbelievable, even if such action "spoofs" the brain, it can also secrete the happy hormone. Are you always pulling a long face? If so, happiness will "escape".

IV. Say "thank you"

The more you can say "thanks" to the people around you, the higher your life satisfaction will be. In order to be able to maintain gratitude, you should develop the habit of saying "thank you" in daily life! This sentence comes with magic, whether it is the man you want to show your gratitude, or yourself, all of you will be in a good mood.

V. Don't compare with the higher I Am What I Am

You are the unique special presence in this world. Don't compare with other people the advantages, troubles, and embarrassment any more. You may find it a bit difficult at first, but as long as you say "I am just what I am" to yourself, everything will be changed. So don't be obsessed with winning or losing.

VI. Take your eyes off the smartphone

It’s hard for people who are tied to a smartphone to notice the happiness in front of them. Take your eyes off the smartphone to discover the beautiful sky, slightly warmer weather or very nice store! Just like unfolding the antenna like this can you have happy disposition that can feel a lot of happiness.

VII. Healthy diet

Without a healthy body, the health of the soul never came up. For the people who are caring for their body and eating well, their mind must be calm and comfortable. Eating too much, dieting to lose weight, eating instant foods, all these habits shall be prohibited, try to replace them with comfortable and enjoyable eating habits.

VIII. Don't say negative things about other people

The face of a woman who says bad things about others is very ugly, the mind will also become indifference and dispirited, because saying bad things about others is evidence that she have no confidence in herself. So If you want to be a glamorous woman, don't be too passionate about saying bad things.

IX.Not filled with reservations "After looking through your SNS, I feel I did nothing... " But nothing like this, it’s important to spend time leisurely and calmly.

Being busy doesn't mean being very cool. There is no need to fill up your schedule with a lot of anxiety because you find the status of others on the SNS. The healthy and happy women are very knowledgeable about how spend their own time comfortably.

X. List what you have This is not straightforward, and I am not good at careing for other people. But you are born with a hearty character and enthusiasm as well! In other words, there are still seniors and colleagues worth relying on!

It’s better to cherish the happiness you have now than to list things you don’t have. In this way, you will always be in a very happy state. It is also a good choice at the end of the day to record the good things that happened on the day. People who are always striving for the impossible, may wish to re-examine yourself?

XII. End a day with gratitude Thank you two guys What a wonderful day

At the end of a day, no matter how hard it is, you should fall asleep with gratitude. If you are still in a bad mood, you can't sleep well. Just thinking of "this is a wonderful day", there will be a good sleep, and in the next morning, you can get up with a light heart.

Find happiness in subtle things

Do you have a disposition that is difficult to feel happy, or a girl who is difficult to satisfy? Only those girls who can find happiness in subtle things can get whatever they want. Let's be the girl who can stand up to say "never have to compare with anyone else, I'm very happy!"

Character Profiles Moteko(32) Sunny,thoughtful,glamorous lady.Everybody is all over her regardless of gender. Miki(29) Cant’t throw away dreamy delusion.Easy going girl. Shiho(28) Boyish straight girl.Not care about beauty.

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