The next step is here shall be filled in-... Special skills or something I really have no such-... Hobbies and special skills Hobbies:Movies Special skills: I could have my fingers "crunching, crunching..." crunching, crunching But this should not be called special skill-... "I can quickly get along well with others"... Forget it, just fill it out Um-ah, Miss Junko Satake Yeah In the column of "Special Skills", you filled in "I could have my fingers crunching, crunching..."'s just such feeling, you can make such sound and keep it... Crunching, crunching In fact, I can also have my fingers make such sound Ah, really- Then when did you find you can make such sound? From the sensible, I can do this Crunching, crunching, crunching, crunching Ah, yeah, just like me, have you think this is something that anyone can do? Yes, I've thought about it Wow, you can do it on both hands?! Then this is the first time I find it. I should have written like you-!!