Last time, Oliver and Bow, the Yuko's friend, met in Harajuku. Finally he had a reliable (?) guide, so Oliver had certain expectation that he could go to every places in Tokyo. The trip for this time is a place where everyone must mention in Tokyo, it is the famous red tower. Then Bow and Oliver visit Bow's Travel@TOKYO Series in Tokyo. And Oliver's sweet and sour love letter that deserves attention.

MdJ_ translation_201905 MdJ_ translation_201905 100% 12  Bow is a friend of Yuko and a designer of a company in Harajuku, Tokyo. She is fond of liquor and often takes Oliver around in Tokyo. スクリーン リーダーのサポートが有効になっています。      		  Bow is a friend of Yuko and a designer of a company in Harajuku, Tokyo. She is fond of liquor and often takes Oliver around in Tokyo. O)Yuko very like the postcards I sent to her before, so great! Today I'll also take a photo for Yuko. Anyhow, I don't know where Bow will take me today. In short, go to the appointed station to meet her... B)Oliver〜〜〜 O)Wow! Bow, how are you! You look a bit under the weather, are you OK?!  B)I drank too much at Asakusa yesterday... Then let's go~ Give our bodies a workout today~  O) Oh, oh~ (sport?) B)Then let's start with a good mood~! Oliver, what do you think of when talking about Tokyo?  O)Well~ Well, I will think of Tokyo Station! (Bow was in fine fig...)  B)Oh, this way, it seems that Oliver likes to go to an elegant place. But for me, talking about Tokyo, it is still that place...  O)Where are you talking about, where is it? B)Bang-bang! Oliver, look, it must be the Tokyo Tower!  O)Wow! Beautiful color...the construction with a sense of presence! So, I've seen it in some book.  B)Of course! Tokyo Tower is a landmark building in Tokyo and one of the most popular places to visit. The "red" which the Tokyo Tower uses is called "international orange". In this season, Tokyo Tower is is particularly beautiful against the blue sky and green grass. Then let's go!  O)OK, I am looking forward to it! B)Firstly we have to buy tickets for the MAIN DECK. For adult, it is 900 yen, you Oliver is still a junior high school student, so it is 500 yen. By the way, the Tokyo Tower is 333 meters high and is the second tallest building in Japan. O)The atmosphere and feeling here... reminds me of the Abeno Harukas I have been to with Yuko in Osaka! Here we also need to take the lift?!  B)Oliver, say of what stupid speak? We have a secret passage!   O)Ah? Secret passage?  B)Hohoho. Oliver, the secret passage is...

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B)Nonstop stairs! ! ! From here, we can get to the MAIN DECK 150 meters high at the Tokyo Tower!   O)Ah, the stairs ?!  B)This nonstop staircase is the entertainment project that can only be experienced on weekends and holidays. Let's climb the 600 steps to MAIN DECK.   O)600 steps...Is this a practice...The sport you just said, so that is it...! B)Then, Oliver! Let's see who would win the game!  O)Ah, Bow, wait for me ~~~!  (It will take you about 15 minutes to climb such steps) (A few minutes later) O)Great-we can get a commemorative card when finished! And we can see the inner skeleton of the tower at close range, it's so interesting ! Out in a sweat, a good exercise! Oops, Bow, you are fine?!  B)Oh, tired after hangover ...I want to have a cold beer... O)I am a little thirsty too~Bow, let's take a cold drink and have a rest! Ah, there are beer and other wines here!  B)Er...but I still have to put up with it(not drinking)...  Coffee float B)I am going to be aching all other words, there is a higher TOP DECK TOUR 250 meters high on the basis of this 150m. But this requires an appointment, so today we can't climb it...  O)OK, then let's go on with Yuko next time!  B)Well, OK, next time I want to drink beer!  O)... ... B)Then let's buy some commemorative gift, the store here sells a variety of goods based on the Tokyo Tower.   O)Wow, so much, I don't know which one to select!  Postcard, Tokyo Tower magnet, Tokyo Tower bottled honey, sticker

Information on Tokyo Tower

Metropolitan Subway Oedo Line Akabanebashi Station / Akabanebashi Gate 5 minutes walk
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Kamiyacho Station / Exit No.1 7 minutes walk Metropolitan Subway Mita Line Onarimon Station / Exit No. A1 6 minutes walk
Metropolitan Subway Mita Line Shibakoen Station / Exit No. A4 10 minutes walk
Metropolitan Subway Asakusa Line Daimon Station / Exit A6 10 minutes walk
JR )
Hamamatsucho Station / North Exit 15 minutes walk

[Business hours]
MAIN DECK (150m) 9:00~23:00 [Final Admission/22:30]
TOP DECK TOUR(150m+250m) 9:00~22:45 [Final Admission / 22:00~22:15]

※ For TOP DECK TOUR, needs to be reserved in advance The above information comes from the official website of Tokyo Tower

Dear Yuko  Bow took me to the Tokyo Tower! We climbed on the 150 meters high on the tower step by step, super happy! Although Bow is a little hard (laughs), if you come to Tokyo, Yuko, I will take you to the Tokyo Tower.  from Oliver
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