May is going to be ending, and June is coming soon. In Japan, there is a rainy season called "baiu" in June. During this period, it is rainy, broke hot and sultry, the clothes, shoes, etc..will also be wet out. This is a season of inconvenience.

Japan's rainy season forecast Tsuyu

Of course, you should prepare umbrellas and other rain gears in this season. In addition, we will recommend and introduce 5 items which can sweep melancholy feelings in rainy days!

~Spirits begin to lift! Umbrellas recommended for you~


①The patterns of umbrella will appear after wetting
Once this incredible umbrella is wet in rainy days, the new patterns will appear. Among them, there are many popular figures, such as sakura patterns, as well as animal models that cure people's hearts.

②Backward umbrella
Reversely open the umbrella that was closed backward, it can also stand upright even there is no umbrella stand. Its wet side can be closed inside, so the hands and floor are not easily wetted by water.

③Umbrella with blue sky inside
This kind of umbrella is very simple and ordinary at first glance, but once it is opened, there will a blue sky on your head! The melancholy of the rainy days will be blown away. There are also various patterns such as forest and night sky.

~Fashion and beautiful raincoat & rain boots~

Cawaii Kawaii

Raincoats and rain boots can wrap the entire body from head to toe, so it is very relaxing and comfortable.
How about wearing these fashionable and beautiful accessory clothes during the rainy season?

~Waterproof spray, the strongest protection~

Walking one the road in rainy days, even the inside shoes are wet...Although holding an umbrella, the bag is wet...These are the boring situation during baiu season.
The advantage of the waterproof spray is that it can keep shoes dry from water in rainy days just by spraying it on cloth or leather products. As long as you have such waterproof spray, you don't have to worry about wrapping your bag with tarpaulin in rainy days, or carrying a replacement socks with you...

~It doesn't matter if it gets wet! USB shoe dryer~

I'd like to recommend this kind of USB-powered small shoe dryer to you whose shoes are soaked by the rain. It is internally equipped with a fan and a heater, and is dried by outputting hot air. Its power is great, even for the business shoes that has been once in the water, it can be dried just in 3 hours. With this, even if the shoes are wet, don't worry.

~Mobile phone waterproof jacket~

Even in rainy days, you may need to use your mobile phone to view the map and contact your friends. On such occasions, in order to prevent the phone from getting wet, it is very convenient to use the mobile phone waterproof jacket. Although it is a plastic cover, it can sensitively reflect the movement of the finger. Not only just in rainy days, but also at the places by the sea or in the pool, it's just a right choice for the next season.

What do you think?
I hope that you can find a good rainy day appliance that will make the rainy season pleasant and comfortable!

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