In the GW of the first year in Reiwa, we've been to Sendai, a city in the Tohoku region!  Wow, this is the first I come to Sendai, feel so good!  Yes! Speaking of Sendai, it must be...  Correct! Here is the Masamune DATE-  ~ It must be the ox-tongue! !  What? (There’s one thing that we can’t forget)  Speaking of Sendai, still have a pen must carry of, the roasted ox-tongue!

Roasted ox-tongue is the most famous dish in Sendai! Unlike the spicy fried ox-tongue in the general rotisseries, the roasted ox-tongue here is sprinkled with pepper & salt on the thick ox-tongue and baked over live coals.
And the best way to enjoy the taste of such roasted ox-tongue is--

Roasted ox-tongue set! A roasted ox-tongue! A bowl of steamed paste with a Sendai miso pickled pepper and a pickles! Finally, a bowl of oxtail soup! It’s so delicious~!

Such roasted ox-tongue set is a cuisine influenced by the historical background. After World War 2, a large number of US troops stationed in Japan, which brought the consumption of beef in Japan increased sharply. The roasted ox-tongue was created in order to fully use of the remaining ox-tongue and oxtail. Roasted ox-tongue and oxtail soup, together with the steamed paste and the pickles, which served as the substitute for fresh vegetables at the time of food shortage, this is invention of the Japanese-style roasted ox-tongue set at war time, but now it has the power to grasp the stomach and heart of most people across age.

After your meal, the next step is to visit Sendai!  Oh, it's so delicious-  Then let's go on a sightseeing tour in Sendai! Um—the tram from Sendai Station...  Hoho, is it right? We visit Sendai by this!  Loople Sendai!  Wow, so cute!

Loople Sendai is a city tour bus that departs from Sendai Station. Because of its retro appearance, it has become a unique landscape on the streets of Sendai. There will be the 20-minute bus from Monday to Friday and 15-minute bus on weekends and holidays, and such bus will stop at many famous sightseeing spots in Sendai, such as Bansuisodo and Zuihoden, Sendai-jo Castle, Osaki Hachiman-gu Shrine, and Sendai City Museum. If this is the first time you come to Sendai, we strongly recommend you to take Loople Sendai, because it will drive through main sightseeing spots in Sendai in a loop line, so that you can visit Sendai easily!

For specific roadmaps, timetables and more information, please check here!

If you want to take the Loople Sendai, we recommend you to buy a one-day ticket, which means you can get on and off the train along the way freely, and you also get discounts for the tickets on the spots related with Masamune DATE such as Zuihoden if you present such one-day ticket. It is a fairly cost-effective ticket!

The ticket office is next to the bus stop at Sendai Station. Have you spotted it at the first glance?  Ohoh, you know a lot!  Hoho, I've checked it online!  One thing worth to be mentioned is that Loople Sendai is a one-way cycle, so make sure not to miss the stop!  O-K, let's go! Stay tuned for the next time, A Trip to Sendai-Masamune Article! Takeru(18 years old, college student, likes history very much (history fan)  Ayumi(14 years old), junior high school student, Takeru's sister.  All delicacy and cute things fills her eyes  Chihaya(24 years old),OL,Takeru and Ayumi's cousin. A person who is always calm and with a warm personality.

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