Body sansation care of "Beauty Skin" which creates healty skin Shopping was fun Oh! I want to buy some cosmetics, Why don't we go to this store?  Now, we are carrying out a questionnaire survey about a skin. Do you have a moment? That's ok My concerned point of the skin… That is…recently the dark spots on my face are being obvious For me, my skin is dry and dull If you are nagged by such skin Then I'd like to recommend you the AMPLEUR's "Luxury White" series products Luxury White? Luxury White is the Japanese cosmetic series that stably allocate the beauty composition of Hydroquinone for the first time Hydroquinone? I've never heard that before. Hydroquinone is a kind of beauty composition which can only be used in professional organization such as beauty clinics to make the skin white and glowing. It said that hydroquinone is about 99 times more powerful than vitamin C. 100 times?! Resolve skin troubles with the beauty effect of Hydroquinone Vitamin C Kojic Acid Hydroquinone The skincare effect is about 100 times that of the normal active ingredients! In contrast, it has unstable properties in the face of light, oxygen, and heat But this "New Stabilized Hydroquinone" is successfully blended into cosmetics for the first time in Japan! These are two bottles which pursue leading the skin healthy and beautifully through the daily care Luxury White Active Formula-Medicated and Luxury White Concentrate HQ110 It moistures and adjusts the skin, and makes New Stabilized Hydroquinone work definitely  "Effective whitening ingredients Hydroquinone derivative(Arbutin)" "Regulating skin ingredients 2 vitamin C derivatives (water solubility and oil solubility)" "Moisturizing ingredients Ceramide  Yeast extract  Hyaluronic acid" Formula for New Stabilized Hydroquinone *Inhibits melanin production, prevents brown spots and freckles I really want to use it! Here is trial kit, please feel free to experience it! Me too!

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