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During GW, we had gone to Sendai, the next is- Masamune DATE Cruise!! You really take us aback! Be quiet in the sightseeing bus - Sorry. I'm too excited, because talking about Sendai, it is the ruling city of Masamune DATE!  Um--I have been heard of him... But my history is super poor... I know you must like that, then let me teach you! What I want to say is the story-like fiction, you should learn the history of the time just like you are playing computer games, and take it as an entrance to history understanding!  What here must stress specially is that the protagonist of this story is Masamune DATE- Wow - don't be like this, it's too dangerous, I'm likely to indulge in it! ! In all senses... Who is Masamune DATE?

Masamune DATE was a well-known daimyo in the Sengoku Period, although he is not as famous as Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, yet many of us have heard of his name. It is said that Date family had risen in the Kamakura period, while in the Sengoku Period, due to the achievements and greatness of his ancestors, this family became a established family with a vast territory (now the Tohoku Region in Japan). Born in such family, Masamune DATE became the 17th generation owner of the Date family when he was only 18 years old.

The most famous anecdote of Masamune DATE is that he was called "One-eyed Masamune" because of his blindness in his right eye when he was young. As for the reasons for blindness, it is said that it was sick, but also that it was an accident, in short, there are different opinions. Most images of Masamune we get from TV dramas or movies are a man who used eye masks or bandages to cover his right eye, but in fact he did not wear eye masks and the like.

Masamune DATE ascended on the history stage in the turbulent Sengoku Period with an ambition to unite the nation, he advocates an aggressive system, and at the age of 23, he had occupied the most territory of the country at that time. Later, in the famous Battle of Sekigahara, he formed an alliance with Tokugawa Ieyasu. In 1601, after the victory of Tokugawa, Masamune was granted permission from Tokugawa Ieyasu to establish Sendai Domain, rebuilt Chiyoda City, renamed it "Sendai-jo Castle" and moved to this place. The Castle Town of the Sendai-jo Castle at that time, is the Sendai City today.

Hey-that is, here is the Castle Town at that time? Yes, while the Sendai City at that time is now the-- Past glory - Sendai-jo Castle Ruins "The next stop is Sendai-jo Castle Ruins, Sendai-jo Castle Ruins" Here it is! Ah! Yeah, here! Yes, this is the image of Masamune DATE! This should be the second generation copper image. (The first generation copper image was demolished due to metal recycling during the war) Cool- However, what? Where is the castle? There is no Sendai City at all. Although Sendai City once had the largest area of ​​modern city walls, yet through huge fire and war, it is now completely gone... Now only these foundation stones which show the layout and area of Sendai City are telling its past glory. So people call here "Sendai-jo Castle Ruins"-desolation all round. Don't be so heavy, or it's a shame! Come here to see! Wow,when it is good, you can watch the spectacular scene of the Pacific Ocean here. Ah, look! Yeah- Although it has been going through hundreds of years, the Sendai City, Castle Town and lords had all gone with the wind... However, if overlooking Sendai as it is now, and the same sea that Masamune once stared at, it is also unbelievable.

Besides the Sendai-jo Castle Ruins, here also have Zuiho-den, the mausoleum where worship Masamune DATE, and the Sendai City Museum where records the life of Masamune DATE and the historical change of Sendai. For those who want to know more about Masamune DATE, shall take the Loople Sendai to look round, we recommend you to visit in the order of Zuiho-den →Museum→ Sendai-jo Castle Ruins!

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