There are many kinds of wine in the world, such as Japanese sake, wine, beer...and the representative wine of Japan is just as its name, which is called "Japanese sake".
Japanese sake can be drunk directly, and has different drinking methods in different seasons.
Furthermore, It can also be mixed with other beverages to prepare the favorite taste for drinking and enjoyed in a variety of ways, so Japanese sake is a wonderful and fascinating alcohol in the world!

In fact, even if they are the same Japanese sake, their taste will be very different under different conditions!
Let's take a look at the four key elements that determine whether a wine is wonderful!

How to Enjoy Drinking Japanese Sake

One of the main factors determining whether a wine is delicious is the temperature, then one way for drinking Japanese sake arising from such key element is "Atsukan".
Atsukan is not only suitable for winter, but also very excellent when you feel bad in the cold rainy night!
You can also compare with the Japanese sake at other temperatures to find which one is better.

On the occasion of cold winter, come to enjoy delicious "atsukan" nihonshu

Although the Japanese sake is delicious enough, it can also be mixed with a variety of different beverages to create your favorite flavor!
These combinations are somewhat unexpected, but they are really good to drink! You may wish to have a try referring to this article!

Various new drinking method of nihonshu!

Amazake, a by-product of Japanese sake, is also one of the representative wines in Japan.
It is made from the residue(sake lees) produced when brewing Japanese sake.
The Amazake is called the "drinkable drip" and is very nutritious, which is sold in some Japanese shrines and monasteries, so why not go for a drink while you are visiting?

"Drink intravenous drip?" Then come to drink the amazake brought from temple on the New Year's Day.

The decorative wooden barrels containing Japanese sake are called "komodaru", and for the komodaru of the wine in different brands, their decorations are also different and very distinctive.
There is a lot of komodaru in the Meiji-jingu Shrine near Harajuku Station, which is very magnificent! You can take a look at them with other special places in Harajuku!

Not only Takeshita street! But also the Harajuku's hidden sightseeing spot!

Now drinking in Japan is not only available in the places like izakaya, beer garden, but also can buy alcohol directly from vending machines!

Neither a Bar, Pub, or Restaurant?! Enjoy Unique Culture at Night in Japan at an Izakaya

A Place You Won't Want to Miss in Tokyo! Beer Mount: The Best View of the Whole City

The Japanese Rice Wine Vending Machine of Your Dreams?! Enjoy Japanese Sake to Your Heart's Content!

Please be sure to take a look and taste the Japanese sake!

Special Features:Kingdom of Izakaya・Japan!

If you drink alcohol in Japan heck here for Izakaya!

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