This is a manga of a workshop of students of Communication University of China with Manga de Japan.

It is a six-frame cartoon on the theme of "Harajuku" that the students considered. first of all, We proud to present the second of 6 wonderful works.

Why "Harajuku”? Because Manga de Japan company is in Harajuku.
It would be great to get a different perspective from Chinese students.

This time, we will present the famous souvenirs from Harajuku.

This is a souvenir from Japan. The  “Harajuku Honey Roll” of the Colombin! Most famous dessert in Harajuku Wow! It’s so amazing! Yummy The honey roll is really scrumptious. So, I’m going to Harajuku for buy more ! I’ll come again! Harajuku Colombin Yummy Colombin
Draft storyboard by Cyril Chen(Communication University of China)
Illustration by Wen Fu(Manga de Japan)

Please have a try when you come to Harajuku !

We will announce the remaining excellent works
one after another. stay tuned~

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