Collaboration Project of MangadeJapan × Cosplayer! Such Project will be named "cosbiyori" and will appear it in series in the future! Together with cosplayer, MdJ will introduce to you the wonderful shops at Harajuku, and provide you with videos etc. so as to publish a wide variety of content.

"This is Hoippu! And this is Yamato!  Memorable Part I of Collaboration Project! We have the......  Bang-bang!  ""The popular cosplayer - Miss Ieneko!""" Playing acoustic guitar, dancing "Then, the theme of this cooperation is ...  ""Dating at Harajuku ❤️""!"

Harajuku is a fashion district where fashion goods are constantly come out every day, and is very popular among young people. As one of the famous sightseeing spots in Tokyo, Harajuku is also very popular, and it is a place where many tourists from home and abroad are competing to visit.

"Dating at Harajuku~ I can't wait~!"  "We can find different aspect of this lovely little sister!"  "Just like dating with Miss Ieneko herself!"  "Too much looking forward!"The shop I am going to this time is "Eddy's Ice Cream"

Base on the ice cream, they add a variety of colorful cute gadgets (can be eaten) to create the Instagram Photo Ice Cream for you, so Eddy's Ice Cream is very popular at Harajuku.

Shooting cooperation/ Eddy’s Ice Cream

business hours/11:00~20:00
Regular holiday/ Fixed holiday

You can make an ice cream here and post nice photos on Instagram to the world! 【Eddy's Ice Cream】

Then the next, please watch the video of "Dating with Miss Ieneko at Harajuku"!

Have a sweet date with Miss Ieneko at Harajuku, how do you like?
The ice cream in this store is really super delicious, you must come to visit this holy place! (Please be careful not to drop the topping of the ice cream on the ground)

"After reading this one, my heart beat rock"  "I am even bashful~"


You can make an ice cream here and post nice photos on Instagram to the world! 【Eddy's Ice Cream】

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