Although the Japanese feel themselves a normal, natural group, yet in the eyes of foreigners coming to Japan, there are still a lot of wonderful cultures which are hard to understand.

This time, the editor actually listened to the comments on the ""things that they are particularly shocked by Japanese culture"" which made by the people living in Japan from four countries and regions, including Chinese, Koreans, Taiwanese, and Thais.

Then I have summarized 10 typical cultural shocks from these comments and will introduce them to you as follows!

  I have gotten culture shock in these areas  

   1.Culture shock from crowded trams

japan crowded trams illustration manga culture shock overseas reaction ukiyo-e edo

""Obviously, there is no room for one more person, but everyone still try their best to squeeze into the carriages, horrible!""(Korean/Male)

""Actually someone even squeeze into tram with their back, such technique is really cool""(Thai/Male)

It is common in Japan to find a scene of crowded tram, no matter whether the tram is so crowded that the doors even couldn't be closed, the surging mass still exhaust their strength to squeeze into the carriages.

At last, the station staffs squeeze the passengers by hand and body so that everyone could clamber aboard. You can carry your backpack and squeeze on post position!

   2.Japanese people are too fond of rice

japanese people love rice illustration manga culture shock overseas reaction ukiyo-e edo

""Noodles with rice, dumplings with rice, how to eat them together?! It's hard to understand! ""(Taiwanese / Female)

""Steaks and burgers should also be matched with rice, everything should be served with rice!"" (Chinese/Female)

Rice is the absolute favorites of Japanese! There are also a lot of Japanese people just ""eat vegetables for eating rice"".

But for foreigners, it is incredible to eat almost every kind of food together with rice on any occasion, just like carbohydrate + rice.

   3.There are very few dustbins

""The road in Japan is very clean, but there are almost no dustbins on the street, that really surprised me! ""(Chinese / Female)

Indeed, as long as you pay a little attention, you will find that there are almost no garbage bins on the streets of Japan except for a few places such as convenience stores. In fact,there is a reason for that, in 1995, there was a terrible ""Tokyo Subway Sarin Attack"" in japan.

Therefore, as a countermeasure against terrorism, with the national capital region of Japan as center, the garbage bins on the streets were taken away in succession.

""But I still want to know who deals with the garbage and where to dispose of them.""

   4.Questioned by the police

questioned by the police illustration manga culture shock overseas reaction ukiyo-e edo

""Sometimes the police officers would ask me some questions, and they gave me a fright. In China, there is almost no such situation"" (Chinese/Female)

Although the Japan's public security is good, the police still need to perform tasks for daily cross-examination.

In other countries, because there is no such cross-examination culture, it is really scary to be suddenly asked by the police on the road.

But it doesn't matter! This is just the police patrols on a regular basis, so you only need to calmly respond.

   5.The clerk will send the clothes you bought to the shop front!

""After buying a good dress, the clerk helped me to take the dress all the way to the shop front, that really surprised me.""(Thai/Male)

""Although there is also such service in Taiwan, it is a hospitality service that is only available in department stores or high-end stores.""(Taiwanese/Female)

In Japan, when you buy clothes, the clerk will ""send them to the shop front"". However, in other overseas countries, it is said that such service will only be available when shopping in the high-end stores. This also shows the courtesy and the hospitality of Japan.

   6.The taxi door will open automatically?!

""The door opened automatically and scared me! However, even if it is not automatic, the driver will open the door for you personally!""(Thai / Male)

Japanese taxis will be automatically opened and closed after parking. According to the staff from Thailand, even if the taxi hasn't automatic doors, the driver will open the door for the passengers.

Then do you feel you have enjoyed a little king's treatment?!

   7.What the people lost was returned! Even if the baggage leaves the sight, it will not be stolen.

""Even if something is lost, it will still be returned to you in most cases. That's great! ""(Taiwanese / Female)

When you lose something, the Japanese unclaimed baggage center will return it to you, which is already quite famous, and this shall owe to the goodness and kindness of the Japanese people...

But, there are thieves and robbers in Japan too, so you should still pay attention to your carry-on baggage!

  "Ah, this is too... (Dizzy). So I said Japan is a bit strange!  

   8.Japanese food is very salty!

""I feel the Japanese seasoning is quite salty! And sweetmeats are too sweet! It’s a bit of a surprise.""(Taiwanese/Female)

As a Japanese, I have not noticed this at all! Perhaps because of Japan's food culture catering with rice, there are many unexpectedly salty foods in Japan.

The water in most Japanese restaurants is free, so you can deal with this problem through matching with water or rice.

   9.I did not expect the Japanese's English to be so poorly!

english so poorly illustration manga culture shock overseas reaction ukiyo-e edo

""The Japanese almost never speak English, it is amazing! Why are their English so bad?!""(Taiwanese/Female)

As living in an island country, Japanese people may have the ideas of ""I can live even if I don't speak English"", ""If saying English wrong, it will be a great embarrassment!"", so there are few Japanese people can speak English or speak English with positive attitude.

If you are lost in Japan, as long as you can speak the name of the place of sightseeing, the name of the building, etc. in Japanese, they will tell you with patience.

   10.Obviously their technology is so developed, but some field is still old-fashioned!

""It is still old-fashioned for some important things like postcard notifications, sending application documents! In other countries, such things can be solved simply by going online.""(Taiwanese/Female)

Japan is a conventional country and is hard to introduce new cultures. Even now, in some fields, they still deal with matters and procedures by using traditional paper.

Even if you are in such country with developed technology, there will often be such a situation that you will utter a sound of ""gee?"".

  Compared with Japan, how about your country?  

What do you think? There will inevitably produce "cultural shocks" in different countries. When you come to Japan, be sure to feel such difference!

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