This is a manga of a workshop of students of Communication University of China with Manga de Japan.

It is a six-frame cartoon on the theme of "Harajuku" that the students considered. first of all, We proud to present the sixth of 6 wonderful works.

When I traveled to Japan for the first time, mom and I came to Harajuku. In the GAP in front of the station, my mother bought me a new dress. Things at that time I still remember now 8 years later When I came to Harajuku again, It is also the GAP! This store is the same as it was 8 years ago. Although the GAP Flagship Harajuku was closed in May 2019, I still can not forget the precious memory and the peace of mind when I came to Harajuku. Grateful to you!

Draft storyboard & illustration by Liu Yi Xuan(Communication University of China)
Illustration background by kyouel@MaDeLa(Manga de Japan)

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