Do you know that crunchy and juicy ""candied strawberry"" is now a popular sweet all over the world?
In the fashion building ""SHIBUYA 109"" in Tokyo, the city of young fashion, a candied strawberry specialty shop called ""Strawberry Fetish"" is newly opened,

specifically offering this kind of ""candied strawberry""
I, Bananako, did go to the shop, and summarized some information such as the menus on sale, my feeling after tasting the candied strawberries, as well as the location of the shop

   The Reason Why "Candied Strawberry" is Popular Now

woman candied strawberry pink

I know it's quite sudden to ask, but do you know a genre of video called ""ASMR""?
""ASMR"" is short for ""Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response"", and it refers to the videos and music created basing on the ""sounds"" made in daily life to help people relax

For example, ""the sound of rubbing a microphone with a cotton swab"", ""the sound of kneading slime"" and ""the sound of gently whispering"" are all ASMR
The sound of eating foods (chewing) is also a famous type of ASMR, among which the crunchy, juicy sound of eating ""candied fruit"" is extremely popular!

For this reason, the candied strawberry videos burst their popularity recently among SNS like YouTube and Instagram

   "Candied Strawberry" is Closely Related to Japanese Culture

Candied strawberry has been loved also in Japan since a long time ago
It's often served during ""Omatsuri"" (Japanese Festivals) held all over Japan

At Ennichi (a day believed to have a special relation (en) with a particular Japanese deity), there are plenty of colorful candied fruit offered, among which the candied strawberries are extremely loved by both adults and children

Thread 3 to 5 strawberries onto a thin bamboo stick, and then make some syrup by melting the red colored sugar. Dip the stick into the sugary syrup and wait for it to dry, then the crunchy candied strawberry stick is done

   "Candied Strawberry Specialty Shop" is NEW OPEN in SHIBUYA 109!

shibuya109 strawberry fetish

The hot topic candied strawberry is offered in the specialty shop in ""SHIBUYA 109"", the source of Japanese trends!

The name of this shop is ""Strawberry Fetish"". It soon becomes a popular spot to girls in their 10s to 20s after its opening that they all line up here

   Customize Your Own Candied Strawberry

menu strawberry fetish

At Strawberry Fetish, you can not only savor tasty candied strawberry, but also choose varied flavors and toppings you like!

This shop serves endless customization, and it's delicious no matter how many times you eat it!

   We Did Get a Taste! We Tried "Tiramisu Candied Strawberry"!

comic report 1hibuya109 japan tokyo sweets comic report 1hibuya109 japan tokyo sweets


The crunchy juicy candied strawberry made by the candied strawberry specialty shop ""Strawberry fetish"" is the most delicious!

In addition, this shop serves customized flavors such as tiramisu flavor, matcha flavor and condensed milk, so it's a perfect spot to take amazing Instagram photos and enjoy tasty strawberries with friends!

Why not stop by and create wonderful memories of new sweets by trying an ""evolved"" version of the candied strawberry when you come to Tokyo?

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