So hot...  I'm melting...  And exhausted… (A voice comes from sky)  Have an eel at this time! Why it has to be eel? Because I, the eel, is rich in vitamin A and vitamin B complex Which can help you recover from tiredness and promote the appetite For this reason, as soon as summer comes,  the Japanese rush here to eat me!!! Then what are you proud of!!! You will be eaten soon!!! After eating a bunch of roasted eel... One of your arms (or legs) gets stronger! After eating an Unadon (eel bowl)... Get strong abdominal muscles immediately! After eating an Una Bento... You'll become Super ○○yan! Combine the point 1+2+3 above... With superb strong power, you can conquer the world easily That is why I am so expensive in Japan! Oh, Come on! It's only because Japanese wide eels are almost extinct that you're getting so expensive... From August to October, Japan is exactly in the season of eel, so come and savor eels to recover energy. Come and eat me, now!

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