Look, my new cat Lovely, isn't it So cute!  What's its name? Mimi Name…? It seems that "name" is quite important in human society...  If I want to infiltrate into human society,   Maybe I should get a name too… I see!  I can go to the shrine to pray for a name Ah, it's lucky seven ※ In Japanese, the word “seven (七)” can also be pronounced "nana" No. 7  No. 7 ※ How could that be!? From now on, your name is Nanakon What??? Something About Japan One way to draw an Omikuji (fortune-telling paper) is to shake out a paper at random with a number written on it first, and then go for the box with the same number and the corresponding predictions. Something About Japan "そんなバナナ" means "I can't believe there are still such bananas!" It's the homophonic of "There are still such idiots (baka)?" This expresses one's shock at an incredibly stupid act