~The story so far~

You accidentally fell into the sea.

When you open your eyes, you find yourself in a strange town.

You have ended up in the sushi kingdom.

When it comes to shari (rice used to make sushi) you appear to be quite desirable, because before you know it you find yourself surrounded by 3 handsome potential sushi toppings.

What should you do!?

Who Would You Like to Choose!? The Best "Sushi"Ikeman (Japan’s Representative Food) Finals! Part 1


The 3 of them hold out their hand towards you.

Before you find any words to speak, another voice appears out of nowhere.


“Hey there, play with me too please!”

“And just who do you think you are?”

The boy Yu questioned answers with a big smile.

“Oh, me? I’m-….”


   Will you fall for his sweetness? “Egg”

“I’m a guy too you know!”There is a man somewhere in all that cuteness!? A true shota boy!  Name: Ran Tamai Age: 10 years old Species: Egg Height: 135cm Personality: A spoiled little brat.  He acts like a good boy in front of Shariko but he’s quite vicious towards the others. He might be young but he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing… don’t underestimate him!  "Hey, hey, why did your face get all red?"

*Egg Trivia
In sushi restaurants tamagoyaki (fried egg) is called "Gyoku".
Depending on the restaurant, the tamagoyaki's seasoning has many variations going from sweet to salty. Make sure to give it a try!

"Little brat! You stay out of this!"

"Waaah, I'm being picked on! Help me!"

Egg runs to Shariko and clings to her.

YU "Ah! You little-!"

TAMAI "Neener-neener!"

"I am also interested in this young lady."


   The silent intelligent type. "Shrimp"

"When I’m around you I just don’t know what to do with myself."  A sensible and intelligent beautiful man. On the quiet side.  Name: Ebihara Age: 27 Species: Shrimp Height: 178cm Personality: The stern faced quiet type who doesn’t talk a lot about himself. He’s not very good at talking so he tends to speak his mind honestly. The power of his rare smiles is legendary.   “You’re funny. Always changing expressions like that, I never get tired of you.”

*Shrimp Trivia
There are many variations of shrimp; boiled shrimp, sweet shrimp, prawn, sakura shrimp etc.
Boiled or raw, shrimp is always popular. I guess you could say shrimp is the secret king of sushi toppings?

“Hey, keeping her all for yourselves is no fair!”


   Give in to his mature charm. Sexy in black; “Eel”

“How about a date with someone a little older?”  Name: Keigo Anai Age: 35 years old Species: Conger eel Height: 185cm Personality: A real lady’s man. Because of his persuasive nature he never runs out of women to charm. But it’s also because of this attitude that he has never managed to experience true love. A bit of a flirt, but also a man who knows what he wants. He got his tan in a salon.   “Truly now, this is quite troublesome...”

*Eel trivia
The conger eel looks a lot like it’s cousin the freshwater eel but doesn’t lose to it when it comes to nutritional value.
Because the conger eel is very good for health it’s especially popular among women. While freshwater eel is eaten broiled or on sushi, conger eel is also eaten raw, deep fried, boiled, steamed and baked. The variety in preparations really shows the conger eels' popularity!

3 more people have joined the original 3 that were already after Shariko.

“Uhm… I actually arrived in the sushi kingdom by accident.

And err… I don’t really know how to get back… so…”

Shariko did her best to plead her case but…

Yu“Then you should just stay here! Come live in the sushi kingdom!”

Kei“I want to get to know you better…”

Iku“Please take some more time to consider this.”

Tamai“I don’t want you to go away!”

Ebisawa“I would like to continue observing you some more.”

Anai“Does that make this a forbidden love? That turns me on…”


It looks like I won’t be able to go home for a while.

“Oh…What should I do…”

It looks like it might be some time until she realizes someone was watching her from the shadows...

Draft storyboard&Edit:SHINchan@MaDeLa

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