Would you like  to watch a movie  together? Sure! What movie? Who is this  actor? He is  Takashi Kitano Takeshi Kitano was born in 18 January 1947  in Adachi, Tokyo, with 2 older brothers and an older sister. His father worked as a house painter, his mother was a strict disciplinarian and educator who worked in a factory. In fact, he is also renown as a comedian, actor, filmmaker, presenter, screen writer, and author who was influential in the Japanese entertainment  industry. Some people never know about Kitano’s artistic side. He took up painting after being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in 1994. This event was the beginning of his first art show.t With joy, humor and seriousness,Takeshi Kitano has thrown himself into “Gosse de peintre” the exhibition for the Fondation Cartier pour ’art contemporain will be presented from March 11 to September 12, 2010. The exhibition also presents a large collection of Takeshi Kitano’s paintings. Despite his prodigious output, he considers himself an amateur painter. His art style seems to explode in colors and are reminiscent of naive art. “With this exhibition, I was attempting to expand the definition of “art,” to make it less conventional, less snobby, more casual and accessible to everyone.” Beat Takeshi Kitano Where is it  gone?

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