When Japan is mentioned, there are probably many people who will immediately imagen a "samurai".

Due to modern laws, it's no longer possible to see a samurai walking around with a katana and topnot.
Many sports teams though, such as Japan's soccer team "Samurai Blue", and Japan's baseball team "Samurai Japan", carry the name of "samurai", and stand as a symbol for the Japanese who compete through sports.
These athletes continue to cary on the samurai's way of thinking and behaving.

If you learn about samurais, there's no doubt you'll gain deep knowledge on Japan!
We picked up articles that relate to "samurai"!

   The Unique Hairstyle "Chonnmage (topnot)"

The topknot continues to exist todays as the hairstyle of a sumo wrestler, but most Japanese people don't even understand how it is tied and put into a fixed position.
Also, many Japanese people do not know that there are many types of topknotes, not just one.

Which topknot is your favorit?

Japanese honourable hairstyle! The origin of samurai's "chonmage"

Which One is the Most Handsome!? Four Chonmage to Choose

Sumo wrestler? For those that don't know, check this out!

Dosukoi ! Let me introduce to you the strong "Rikishi" of Sumo, the Japanese national sport!

   Beautiful Weapon "Katana"

Japanese swords were originally weapons used by samurais in order to fight, but now they are treated as a work of art.
Many Japanese swords are exhibited in both historical museums and art museums, and there are a lot of fans among the Japanese!
There is no doubt a fascination that is born through the fine craftsmenship that goes into the process of creating the variety of parts that lead to a finished katana! Travelinng Japan inorder to view Japanese swords is highly recommended!


Nihonntou Part2

Knives made in Japan are created with many techniques used to create katanas, and meals made with these knives are tastier than usual!
If you enjoy cooking, maybe consider one as a souvenier?

【Made in Japan】I want one! The Japanese kitchen knife that inherits the DNA of Japanese sword

   Evidence of Tradition "Family Crest"

A "family crest" is a crest that is passed on from one's ancestor to another, representing a "house hold".
To simplify, it is much like the logo of a brand.
These crests are places on flags and weapons that are carried into battle, and have an extremly close relationship with a samurai.
Much like katanas, family crests also have artistic value to them. Just viewing them can be a lot of fun!

Up to 10,000 or more ?! Detailed Study of Japanese "Kamon"

   Visiting the Sights of Famous Samurais!

Instead of only viewing the katanas of your favorite samurais (warriors), visiting famous sights related to your favorit samurais would also be perfect for your trip to Japan!
Bronze statues are plennty neat themselves, but if there is a castle or memorial, you can get to know more in depth about that warrior!

Here is a travel report on Sendai that revolves around Masamune Date.
How would you like to take a trip revolving around a favorit warrior of yours?

A Trip to Sendai~Part Two~Getting Closer to Masamune DATE!

Though we can no longer view samurais in Japan, there are still many elements, as well as the spirit, of the samurai that continues to live on today!
The Japanese "hospitality" is a mindest that is thought to have been related to a crucial way of thinking for samurais.
To feel the spirit of the Japanese Samurai, please, visit Japan!

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