Personalize Your Wish at a Shrine--Offer an Ema Tablet!

Manga Designers Lab.

Jun 23 ,2017

Japanese shrines have a mystical corner with tens and hundreds of hanging boards.

These boards are called Ema and are used in Japanese culture to make wishes. Just take a look and you'll see some made by tourists from all over the world as well.

Here, we will tell you all about Japanese ema tablets!

What's an ema tablet?

It is believed that writing out your wish and offering it to a shrine will have it granted by god.

Every wish is different

After taking an actual look at ema tablets, it seems that many people from around the world all share common wishes.

How to Make an Offering

That's it!

So what is an ema tablet anyway?

Be sure to use an ema tablet to make your own wish when visiting a Japanese shrine!