I'd like to enjoy momijigari,  but I don't like it if there are  too many people. If only there was a place  where I could take pictures at leisure... Let's go Tohoku!  Iwate Prefecture! The first place I'd like to go is  Geibikei Gorge in Ichinoseki City! This is the only place in Japan  where "taking a boat cruise down the river with only one boat pole" is possible. You can enjoy the boat ride surrounded by beautiful red leaves! Super great!  How can we get there? We can fly to Hanamaki  Airport from Nagoya,  Osaka, Fukuoka, Taiwan  and Shanghai, or take the  Shinkansen (Bullet Train)  from Tokyo. First, take the  Shinkansen to  "Ichinoseki Station".  Then change to the  JR Ofunato Line  and get off at  "Geibikei Station" Finally arrived!!  So beautiful ~~~ Geibikei Gorge Iwate Fall Leaves funekudari Autumn Geibikei Gorge Iwate Fall Leaves funekudari Autumn

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Geibikei Gorge Iwate Fall Leaves funekudari Autumn The scenery is very beautiful, and the water is so clear that I can even see the rocks on the bottom! These ducks are following our boat. Do they want to enjoy autumn leaves with us? Oh, what is the  boatman singing? He's singing "Nanbu ushioi uta", the folk song of Iwate Prefecture!

   "Nanbu Ushioi Uta"

In addition to enjoy fall leaves, you can also try your luck!

There are 10 different luck stones (untama) respectively symbolizing “福Fuku (fortune)”, “縁En (fate)”, “寿Ju (longevity)”, “愛Ai (love)”, “願Negai (wish)”, “運Un (luck)”, “恋Koi (romantic love)”, “絆Kizuna (the bond of relationship)”, “禄Roku (emolument)” and “財Zai (wealth)”.

Pick your favorite luck stone and throw it towards the hole across the river. If it goes through the hole successfully, your wish may come true!?

This year (2019), the autumn foliage in Geibikei Gorge will welcome the best season for viewing around November. How about coming to Iwate Prefecture to enjoy the rich and natural red leaves?

You can find the latest information about Geibikei Gorge's red leaves on official twitter every day:

Geibikei Official Twitter

Geibikei Official Website

   Red leaf information Plus

Another recommended spot for seeing autumn leaves in Iwate Prefecture is
Morioka Castle Site Park (Iwate Park). This park is located in Morioka City, where the Iwate prefectural office is located! Here you can see as many as 16 kinds of red leaves, such as Iroha-momiji, Oh-momiji, Yama-momiji, Hauchiwakaede and Itayakaede.

1. イロハモミジ(Iroha-momiji)
Acer palmatum Thunberg (Japanese maple)
2. オオモミジ(Oh-momiji)
Acer amoenum Carriere var. amoenum Ogata (Japanese maple)
3. ヤマモミジ(Yama-momiji)
Acer amoenum Carriere var. matsumurae Ogata (Japanese maple)
4. ハウチワカエデ(Hauchiwakaede)
Acer japonicum Thunberg (Fullmoon maple)
5. イタヤカエデ(Itayakaede)
Acer pictum Thunb. ex Murray (Painted maple)
6. サトウカエデ(Satokaede)
Acer saccharum (Sugar maple)
7.イチョウ (Icho)
Ginkgo biloba
8. ケヤキ(Keyaki)
Zelkova serrata (Keaki)
9. ドウダンツツジ(Dodan-tsutsuji)
Enkianthus perulatus
10. カツラ(Katsura)
Cercidiphyllum japonicum
11. ナナカマド(Nanakamado)
Sorbus commixta (Japanese rowan)
12. ソメイヨシノ(Somei-yoshino)
Prunus × yedoensis (Yoshino cherry)
13. クマノミズキ(Kumanomizuki)
Cornus macrophylla (Large-leafed dogwood)
14. サンシュユ(Sansuyu)
Cornus officinalis (Japanese cornel or Japanese cornelian cherry)
15. ニシキギ(Nishikigi)
Euonymus alatus (winged spindle or winged euonymus or burning bush)
16. ユリノキ(Yurinoki)
Liriodendron tulipifera (Tulip tree)

During the best period for viewing, one of the highlights is the fallen autumn leaves that spread all over the ground!

Iwate Park Fall Leaves Autumn Iwate Park Fall Leaves Autumn Iwate Park Fall Leaves Autumn

This photo was taken on November 18, 2018

Morioka Castle Site Park (Iwate Park)

・Address: 1-37 Uchimaru, Morioka, Iwate 020-0023
Take the Morioka Central Loop Bus "Denden-mushi" at JR "Morioka Station". About 6 minutes later, get off at Iwate Park
・Viewing period: late-October - November

Iwate Park Official Website

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