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New Year's Day is one of the most important in Japan, and families spend it together. This is a special cuisine eaten for the first meal of the New Year, and it is the most valued of ceremonial dishes.

[ Event ]
New Year's Day / 3 days from January 1st
(Depending on provinces from December 31st)

[ Ingredients ]
Herring Roe, Black Soy Beans
Candied Dried Sardines
Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Chestnuts
Red and White Kamaboko, Silk Brocade Eggs, Kuwai, etc

[ Wishing plate ]
Made with feelings of gratitude and prayers for a prosperous family, good health, a bountiful harvest, peace, etc.

  Packed with Prayers, Osechi Cuisine

Tokyo Designer Gakuin College/Jiang Yingcheng

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