Today is the last day of 2019.
In Japan, the last day of the year is called "Omisoka". Preparing for the New Year's Day before Omisoka and waiting for the coming new year are the basic way to celebrate the such festival.

"Ah, that is the bell of New Year's Eve〜" "This year will be closing〜"

In the deep of Omisoka night, before the New Year comes, all the temples in Japan will toll the "Bell of New Year's Eve".
Why they must toll such bell? Now let me introduce to you such kind of culture only Japan has.

"But then again, what is New Year's Eve?"  "New Year's Eve refers to the night of Omisoka, the last day of a year"  "So that explains it, the bell tolled in the New Year's Eve (Omisoka) = Bell of New Year's Eve " "Before the celebration of New Year's Day, it seems to keep tolling the bell 108 times." "Ah- !" Why is 108 times?   It is said that the number of troubles.  Troubles??  Those are the people's desire and anger, confuse and pain ! "Your Soba is getting burnt?"

About 108, there are various explanations. One of the two main versions comes from yoji jukugo "Shikuhakku"(4×9+8×9=108);the other version is that the people's desire and chaotic state of mind are brought by 6 sensory organs. And these 36 kinds of troubles which can be perceived are multiplied by 3 time axes of past, present and next life, then we get 108.

In order to eliminate these troubles, we must toll the Bell of New Year's Eve !  Ah-!   Then let's count the troubles this year ~~!  And then eliminate these troubles with the bells! Can not remember! Confused! "You do not have 108 kinds of troubles?"  "I have no any trouble at all"  "What meaning"  Certainly in my case, also troublesome!

Best wishes for a wonderful year.

1 day to 2020

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