This is a manga of a workshop which is held at Communication University of China with Manga de Japan.

Both the Fuji Kyuko corporation and the Nishi-Nippon Railroad corporation participated in this workshop.
This workshop was centered around making 6 panel manga that can be used in advertising.
The students displayed their creativity by making a 6 panel manga based on one of these 2 themes; Fuji-Q Highland (Fuji Kyuko co.) or the SUNQPASS ( Nishi-Nippon Railroad co.'s unlimited ride pass.)

We would like to present you with some of the best pieces that were created!

An exciting amusement park date at Fuji-Q Highland brings them closer together!

Today is the day I will confess to her. Oh, what a marvelous view. But just walking around all day is a bit boring... I know just where to go! FUJI-Q highland Let's ride the Do-Dodonpa! The world's fastest jet coaster! Gyaaaaaaah!! Oh, her hand..! Which one shall we do next? Does this count as a successful confession?
Draft storyboard by Guo Yulu(Communication University of China)
Illustration by SHINchan@MaDeLa(Manga de Japan)

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