5 Popular Deep-Sea Fish in Japan with Faces That Frighten Monsters!

Manga Designers Lab.

Sep 05 ,2017

A deep-sea fish is one that lives 200m below the surface of the ocean. Most have evolved peculiar looks in order to protect themselves from the extreme water pressures at that depth. These creepy deep-sea critters are extremely popular in Japan lately, despite their looks! Here, we'll present some of the more popular spooky deep-sea fish with some nice illustrations!

The frilled shark is an ancient species that has a face of nightmares. They have a total of around 300 teeth! Not a face you'd wanna see before bedtime!

The Oarfish is well-known in Japan. Some have been known to reach up to 11m in length! These guys are what mermaids are based on in Japan.

The Giant Isopod is a species of crustacean unique to Japan that lives in the deep oceans. They're carnivorous and known to munch on fish caught in nets and traps...!

The Megamouth Shark can get up to 7.9m in length! The word large doesn't even begin to describe it at that point. There've been only around 60 sightings of megamouths ever recorded, so they're known as the phantom shark.

Last, we have the fish that started this whole deep-sea fish craze, the Coelacanth. It's also known as a "living fossil" because it apparently hasn't changed much in appearance when compared to some coelacanth fossils that date back 350 million years.


The Thecacera Pacifica is a nudibranch, a species of sea slug, found in the Sea of Japan. They're extremely cute with their bright colors that I'm sure I've seen somewhere before...

How'd you like that? There are a bunch of exhibits about the deep seas in Japan right now because of the current craze! What kind of deep-sea fish live in the oceans near your home country? Aren't you curious?