How to be Popular at Lunch Time!


The scorching heat of summer has calmed to a cool autumn.
Autumns here in Japan are filled with a whole slew of events--athletic meets, picnics, class trips and more!

Your trips outside will skyrocket, and so a bento box lunch will naturally be essential!

We tried making a character bento that will leave you shocked the moment you pop open the bento box lid!

You're probably wondering what a character bento is, right?
Well, a character bento is a boxed lunch featuring characters made from rice and side dishes.
Some even say that kids who bring character bentos to kindergarten become the talk of their class!
So, how are cute character bentos made exactly?

In search of an answer, we tried making our very own character bento!
Naturally, our character of choice was Manga Designers Lab's own "MaDeLa-chan".

Use salmon furikake for a skin-tone face and legs!
The MDL part can be made purple by mixing Yukari furikake!
Places with small and unstable pieces can be stabilized by sticking them with dried pasta.

You're probably wondering how to make light blue clothes, right?
Well, this is where the purple cabbage comes in!

Cut the purple cabbage into thick strips, and boil them with enough water so the strips overlap. Doing this will turn the water purple!

Plus, add some baking soda to the water to have it amazingly transform to light blue! Let the thinly sliced boiled fish paste soak until it turns light blue.

Grind the egg whites and black sesame seed and mix them together with the dried white bait, then lightly cook them.

Use nori to create eyes and a mouth, while the cheeks can be made from the pink part of the boiled fish paste. Make the hair ornament from the boiled fish paste and dried pasta. Cut up the fried egg with a cutting tool such as scissors.

Be sure to try making your very own super-cute and yummy bento.