Savor It While You Can! A Luxury Meal at the World's No. 1 Fish Market - Tsukiji Market

The Tsukiji Market is a wholesale market located in Tokyo. All the seafood caught in Japan is brought here -- so much, in fact, that it is said to be the No. 1 fish market in the world.The area surrounding the market is packed with shops featuring specialty gourmet dishes such as fresh sushi and seafood bowls, fried eggs, as well as ramen noodle shops even loved by professional dealers.

The Tsukiji Market has a history of over 80 years, and while it is a spot continually loved by tourists, it will soon be closed and relocated to Toyosu in Tokyo for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Now is your chance to savor delicious gourmet cuisine in a space brimming with nostalgia! That said, we immediately took a trip there for breakfast.

Ahh... the scenery outside of the market so popular with tourists. Even at 7am the store is open, so there is already so much energy in the air! And this is the first thing we want to savor as a prelude to our scrumptious symphony!

Tsukiji's famous fried eggs! Fluffy and slightly sweet, it's almost like eating a dessert. They are packed with eggs and super delicious!

The shops are loaded with fresh seafood and delicious goods. And the site of a gigantic tuna head getting cleaned is something that you can only see in Tsukiji.

Oh, and breakfast at Tsukiji wouldn't be complete without this!

A seafood bowl! Scallops, tuna, sea urchin, crab, salmon roe -- it sparkles like a chest of gems!

It's so fresh and delicious that you're guaranteed to scarf it down in an instant! Afterwards, we toured around Tsukiji to burn off some calories...

This experience is only available for a little while longer in 2017, so be sure to wake up early and catch some breakfast at Tsukiji when you're traveling in Tokyo -- before it is relocated!