Travel the world with Yuko-chan!
In this corner, Yuko-chan will present native dress from countries around the world.
Her first stop is the Philippines!
It has a unique European ambience due to an influence from Spain.

Men wear outfits called barong tagalog, while females wear outfits called terno. The translucent fabric feels like it was made in mind for the wearer to stay cool, though the actual origin seems to date back to colonial times when men were obligated to wear it to show that they were unarmed.

The women's outfit features a design with huge eye-catching puffy sleeves, which give off a sort of elegantness akin to a European dress. In the Philippines, apparently it is primarily worn in formal settings such as weddings in a similar fashion to the Japanese kimono.
So, Yuko-chan... What do you think of wearing a native Philippine outfit?