A Unique, Personal Croquis Sketchpad of Your Very Own!


Croquis sketchpads are a favorite of Manga de Japan editors and writers for sketching pictures, taking notes, or jotting down ideas, so why not make one special for yourself?

Let's show off some original Croquis sketchpads from the editors!

Now this is what you call adorably ugly!

An interspecies cuddle club!?

Birds so fat you wanna eat 'em up!

If you look closely... there's a bunch of flamingos here.

A new species of carnivore! Frightening stuff.

A dirty room, a bear, and me.


These covers have things that the owner can't live without drawn on them.

Drawing a picture on the cover of your sketchpad will quickly make it one-of-a-kind! Why not try your hand at making a unique Croquis sketchpad?