The ABCs of Things to Know Before Visiting Japan - Taxis

Do you use taxis when on vacation? Japanese taxis are both safe and simple!

It's easy to get lost when you're in a place that you've never been before... and while riding the train and checking out the scenery is great, riding in a taxi directly to your destination is also recommended.

Here's the ABCs of what you don't know about taking a taxi!

1. Did you know there are places that are quicker to get to by taxi!? If a place is 30 minutes away then it might be faster to take a taxi, and if you've got 3 people the price might be similar to a train fare. Make sure to research your destination!

2. The doors open automatically, so wait for it! Most taxis in Japan have automatic doors! (Manual doors are rare, but exist.) Wait for the doors to open after you've hailed a cab!

3. The fares are different depending on the region! Tokyo, Osaka, and Hiroshima all have different fares. Make sure to check ahead of time.

Once you've learned these tips you're ready to take a taxi! Try taking a cab the next time you're in Japan to get to your destination.