In Japan, many variations of the season of fall exist.
"Fall appetite", "fall reading", "fall sports", "fall art", "fall sleep", "fall holiday" and more. Let's take a look at the many versions of fall in Japan!

"Fall appetite" got its name from vegetables, fish, and other food ingredients tasting their most delicious in fall.
Some representative examples are saury, sweet potatoes, and chestnuts.
Also, in Japan, fall is the season of harvesting new rice. New rice is sweet, fluffy, and super delicious!

"Fall reading" got its name since fall is the optimal season for reading.
The weather is comfortable, and the humidity is comparatively lower than spring, making it easy to concentrate on reading. There's something really quaint about reading under the soft glow of sunset.

It is said that "Fall sports" originates from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
The opening ceremony took place on October 10, so now that day is established as the national holiday, "Physical Fitness Day".

The weather is perfect for enjoying a run or stroll. Like fall reading, "fall art" got its name from the fact that fall is the perfect season for concentrating on various things. During the fall there are a variety of art-related events actively being held all around Japan, and also a large amount of art exhibits are open to the public as well.

It seems that other renditions of fall exist as well: "fall sleep", "fall holiday" and more.
Fall is a comfortable season, so be sure to enjoy the most you can out of it.
Yuko-chan is naturally a fan of the "fall appetite" side of things... Or so we thought! It appears she's quietly reading! Perhaps pigs will fly as well...
Be sure to find a fall that befits you!