Arbitrary Definitions! Ever Heard of 2D, 2.5D, and 3D?


Oct 13 ,2017

You've heard about 2D and 3D, no doubt? So what in the world is 2.5D?
We've made up some definitions for all of the different dimensions out there that you may have been too afraid to ask about!

Let's start with the one you've probably heard mentioned at least once:

2D, short for 2 dimensions, refers to characters from anime and video games.
Characters you won't ever be able to meet in the real world.

2.5D, which is neither 2D or 3D, refers to a world where 3-dimensional people play the part of 2D characters from anime and video games.

You get to meet up with your favorite 2D characters and see them move and dance, as though the character has jumped out into the real world.
This 2.5D experience supposedly first originated in the Japanese Takarazuka musical scene.

Finally, we have '3D', the world we all live in.

Actors, actresses, and all of us are denizens of the 3D world where we work and play.
By the by, 4D is said to refer to parallel worlds.

The popularity of 2.5D has been gaining momentum as of late, even outside of Japan. Perhaps the rising number of manga, anime, and game-based movies is a contributing factor to the growing number of 2.5D worlds.

If you want to experience one of these 2.5D worlds yourself, there's actually going to be a 2.5D stage show starting up in November. Might be fun to check it out!