Easy words to compliment Japanese Artist

Manga Designers Lab.

Oct 30 ,2017

Have you ever experience this kind of moment ?

“I love this drawing”, “This song is really cool”, even though you want to tell the artist that you like their work,

Don’t worry ! Let me introduce you how to appreciate people’s work in Japanese !


あなたのイラストが好きです。/ あなたの曲が好きです。
I like your drawings. / I like your songs.

このイラストが素敵です。/ この曲が素敵です。
This drawing is beautiful. / This song is fantastic.

This two sentences would be the good start for you.

Also, if you want to tell them you’re their international fans, just tell them;

(Your country's name)から応援しています。
I’m supporting you from (your country’s name).

Lastly, let’s tell them;

I’m looking forward to your next work.

Please do your best.

and hope for their new works in the future.

Of course, there’s more ways to tell them how much you appreciated their work, but the most important thing is how much you really like this person’s work. No matter how short the message you sent, if you tell them properly you appreciated their work, they are surely glad about that ! So, let’s try telling them how much you like their work from now on.. !


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