You Can Go Fishing in the Middle of the City?!Irresistible for Fishing Enthusiasts and Japanese Cuisine Lovers! A New Japanese Pub Sensation!

You Can Go Fishing in the Middle of the City?! A New Japanese Pub Sensation!

Manga Designers Lab.

Oct 29 ,2017

Japan is synonymous with its food! And of course Japanese cuisine wouldn't be complete without fish cuisine! So, we went to a place where they cook up fish that you catch--Zauo!

*thud* shock ʺWelcome!ʺ ʺCatch a fish...ʺ ʺAnd we'll cook it up for you right here!ʺ ʺGolly!ʺ "I'm gonna catch me a fish!" "Shrimp" "Good luck!" *plunk* "Oh!" *twitch twitch* *spla---sh!* "Whoopee!" "Choose two: 'fish and vegetables boiled in soy sauce', 'tenpura', 'iron pot rice pilaf', or 'sashimi'! "That looks tasty!" "The leftover fish can be used as soup for miso soup!" "Amazing!" "It's so yummy!"

What makes Zauo so great is how you can eat every part of the fish you catch!
Why not enjoy some Japanese cuisine and fishing when you visit Japan?

Zauo, Shibuya Location


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