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Japanese Trains -- Why Are They Like This!?

Trains are the most common form of public transportation used by Japanese people.
Many people travel from thirty minutes to an hour, with some people spending over 2 hours on their commute, swaying with the trains.
There's some odd sights to see on-board the trains that most people ride, and we've got the scoop on some of this unique Japanese scenery!

Harajuku~    Harajuku~ *fsshhhh* !? What the heck!? Situation #1 Everyone's Tap-Tapping on their Phones!

A bunch of people are looking down and doing whatever on their phones.
What are they up to...?

I'm checking my mail. I'm looking at social media. I'm playing a game. I'm just browsing the internet.

Young people these days are usually checking various social media sites and playing games on their phones, among other things supposedly.
Just doing whatever it is they feel like doing in their free time, you know?

Rare Sighting!!  *kla-klak-kla-klak*

You'll see people using their phones in ridiculous positions, no matter how crowded it is!!
People sure love those phones!
[Appears] Weekday Mornings in Full Trains

Situation #2 Sleeping the Sleep of the Dead!!!

You'll see a lot of these. They'll be practically laid out flat, generally on early morning trains and after work.

Rare Sighting!! ZZzzZZZ... Zzzz  Zzzzz

Some people will even sleep in the strangest positions after a night of drinking!
Some will even be snoring...
[Appears] Friday and Weekend Nights

Situation #3 Focused Reading or Studying

Apparently, people with longer commutes will tend to read on trains.
You'll also see a lot of students studying their vocabulary and doing homework.

Rare Sighting!!

Using the window as a desk to get in some proper study time!
... I guess they weren't able to finish whatever it was last night?
[Appears] Weekday Mornings or the Day of an Exam

train yamanote

There's also other ways to pass the time, like listening to music or checking out the advertisements on the trains. Most people are just trying to use their time as effectively as they can.
Spending more time in your own world while commuting can certainly get that blood flowing!
But... make sure you don't bother anyone else riding the trains around you, please!