In the last article, we presented a variety of different things pertaining to autumn in Japan. This time, we'd like to touch on "autumn tourist" spots.
In Japan, you can enjoy vibrant colored autumn leaves throughout the country from November to December.

A famous place synonymous with autumn leaves is the city of Kyoto. That said, Yuko-chan will now present several spots that she recommends to view autumn leaves!

This stage allows you to view a stretch of autumn leaves. During peak season, the stage is lit up at night as well.
Since there is a shop nearby where you can rent kimono, enjoying a stroll around the town or enjoying a view of the leaves dressed in kimono is also an elegant thing to do.

1) Kiyomizudera Temple (Best viewed: Late November to early December, a world heritage site)
This spot is the famous among the famous.
Kiyomizudera Temple has a stage that was built over a tall cliff that is a staggering 12 meters tall.
In building terms, it is as tall as a 4-story building.

By the way, the famous phrase "Leap off of Kiyomizudera's stage" exists in Japan, but it is used with the meaning of challenging something on par with jumping off the tall stage at Kiyomizudera Temple.

2) Daigoji (Best viewed: Late November to early December, a world heritage site)
The Daigoji is an expansive temple where you can enjoy a variety of autumn leaves.

The temple grounds are made up of 3 areas: Kamidaigo, Shimodaigo, and Sanbonin. Among them, the Shimodaigo's tunnel of autumn leaves extending from the Nioumon is particularly impressive. This tunnel is located a little ways from the heart of Kyoto, and is a well-kept secret that can be leisurely enjoyed since it isn't very crowded.

3) Rurikoin (Can only be viewed during special periods, 2017 period: October 1 through December 10)
This is a autumn leaf hotspot known to those in the know. The traditional drawing room architecture of the building is beautiful, and the autumn leaves viewable from there are a feast for the eyes.

While it's not easily accessible, you certainly won't regret a trip out there.
The price of admission is somewhat on the steep side compared to other spots, though it is well worth it and shouldn't be missed.

It appears that Yuko-chan is also fully enjoying the tourist season by scarfing down some riceballs.
Perhaps Yuko-chan's autumn is the "autumn of appetite"?!