Osakan Soul Food! How to Kushikatsu!

Manga Designers Lab.

Nov 09 ,2017

Kushikatsu is a great snack to have while drinking.
We're gonna show you how to enjoy Kushikatsu the right way!

"Kushikatsu, my love!" "Beer" "Kushikatsu is... meat or vegetables skewered on a stick, then breaded and fried in oil. It's Osakan soul food!" "Delicious!" "Whoops. Not enough sauce on this one..." *reach* "Stop!!!!" "No double dipping!" "Any time you feel like you don't have enough sauce..." "Use cabbage!" "Scoop up some sauce," "*hold the cabbage in your hand!" "then pour it on your Kushikatsu!" "Also," "make sure you've got a delicious beer for the perfect pairing!"

What'd you think?
If you can follow the simple steps laid out above, you can have a wonderful Kushikatsu experience!