Great Spots to Walk Around in Kawagoe: A Town Brimming with an Edo Ambience!

Great Spots to Walk Around in Kawagoe: A Town Brimming with an Edo Ambience!

Did you know that a single train ride from even Shibuya or Shinjuku can take you to a hidden walking spot, Kawagoe?
The fall of appetite is in full swing in November.
Here, we'll present eats to enjoy on a stroll through Kawagoe!

1. Nekomanma

Nekomanma Rice Balls are a creation by Nakaichi's main store location. They are coated in a home-made soy sauce dashi made from dried bonito and konbu, and then sprinkled with dried bonito and anchovies.

The pleasant smell of the dashi is sure to make you hungry. It's sold out everyday, so it is recommended to stop by the store when it goes on sale at noon to ensure you get yours!

2. Osatsu Chips

This is even often seen on many eat around shows on television!
It's made from Japanese sweet potatoes which are sliced vertically!
You can enjoy it with your choice of sauce!

My recommendation is melted better.
Of course, the sweet potato tastes so sweet and delicious even without a sauce!

3. Sweet Potato Rice Balls

As the name suggests, it's a rice ball made with sweet potato.
It is packed with sweet potato goodness without any frills!

It truly brings out the sweetness of sweet potato.

Stuff yourself full of Kawagoe's delicious offerings!

4. Kawagoe's Signature Food, Imokoi

A super delicious snack consisting of a chewy outside with steamed sweet potato and sweet bean paste stuffed on the inside!
And since you can take it home with you, it makes a great souvenir!

5. Miso Bread, Soy Glaze
Actually, these are famous as well! First you have Miso Bread,
then there's soy-glazed rice dumplings containing sweet potato!

Stuff yourself full of Kawagoe's delicious offerings!

6. Lastly, a Souvenir to Take Home: Long Fugashi (Wheat-gluten snacks)
They say that if you can take one of these fugashi, which boast a whopping 95cm in length, home without it breaking, that you will live a long and healthy life!

While eating around Tokyo is recommended as well, we also recommend taking a stroll around Kawagoe and eating around there, too!
Why not walk around Kawagoe, the city brimming with old Edo culture, and have some good eats?