Manners in a shrine

When people comes to visit Japan, almost everyone plans to visit at least one Shrine before leaving Japan.

You might notice a large big box standing there, resembles something you’ ve seen in a Manga or Anime. That is a “Donation box” . Of course, you might want to try to make an offer by yourself, too.

It might seems easy. But if you don’ t get used to Japanese tradition, you might not sure how to do it properly.

In that case, let’ s learn about manners in a shrine, “Two Bow, Two Claps, One Bow” .

1. Throw a coin into a box (You might heard about putting a 5-yen coin into a box, that’ s because 5-yen have a same pronunciation as “fate” or “chance” in Japanese.)

2. Ring a bell that’ s in front of you.

Make a bow two times, clap two times, then bow again one time.

How is it ?
This is how every Japanese people donates in a shrine. So, make sure to remember this before visit a shrine, or you can just ask Japanese people nearby !