C3AFA Singapore ANA

C3AFA Singapore: A Visit to the ANA Corner!

Manga Designers Lab.

C3AFA Singapore will be held from November 24 to 26! Today, we'll introduce you to the Manga de Japan booth's ANA corner! This front of this large panel is a photo spot! Take a picture and upload it to your favorite social media service! Add this as your hashtag: #ANAAFA2017 Plus, subscribe to ANA's newsletter and... You'll have a chance at winning some fantastic novelty merchandise!

So, what did you think?

We're waiting for you here at the ANA corner!

Next time we'll introduce you to the Nishitetsu corner!

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There's also an acclaimed quiz promotion underway that could win you a trip to Japan!
The promotion runs from November 24 to 30, so come visit the Manga de Japan booth at C3AFA Singapore and enter for your chance to win!