C3AFA Singapore: Karin's Mound Corner Report

Manga Designers Lab.

Here, we'll introduce you to the Karin's Mound corner! We'll get things started with the first game: Strike Out!

Throw the ball and hit the target with a number on it! Maybe something good will happen if you can hit the target?

Next up is the VR corner!

In the VR corner, you can play baseball, hands-on!  Stand on the mound and square off against the main character of Karin's Mound, Karin-chan! Challenge the Strike Out game and VR experience, and some wonderful novelty merchandise could be yours!

So, what did you think?

Be sure to come play some ball at the Karin's Mound corner!

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There's also an acclaimed quiz promotion underway that could win you a trip to Japan!
The promotion runs from November 24 to 30, so come visit the Manga de Japan booth at C3AFA Singapore and enter for your chance to win!