What kind of clothes shall we wear from December to February?

Japanese "winter" is from December to February.
Hot spring, hot pot, snowscape and illuminations, so many events in the winter!
For the people who are planning to travel around Japan in this period, I'll introduce the temperature in Tokyo, the clothes for travel and measures against the coldness to you.
It's useful to take these advice !

Japanese winter

How the temperature is in the Japanese winter?

There are a lot of clear days in Tokyo's winter, and rain or snow are few, so
the air is often dry. The atmosphere with humidity around 30% is common sight .

What shall we wear when we want to travel in winter?

A coat is needed in December.
It's also suggested to prepare gloves and muffler.

The temperature in January is almost similar with February.
The average temperature is 5℃ and it's very cold in the morning and evening.

Wearing a down jacket or a coat is necessary, we must take measures against the coldness positively!
Gloves and muffler are also necessary.
There are a lot of windy days, so you can put on a knit cap or an ear pad.

When you stay outdoors for a long time, please take care of your foot, and it's also recommended to use a disposable body warmer.

Hot spring, hot pot, snowscape, illuminations, the events which concerns in New Year's Eve and so on...Although it's winter, there are still plenty of events in Japan!
Please take enough measures against the coldness, and enjoy Japanese winter.