Let's travel around the world with Yuko! Yuko will introduce to you the national costumes from all over the world in this area. Then the Thai costumes will be introduced in the third programme .

"Thailand has many well-known dishes such as Tom Yam Kung and Pad Thai, as well as the must-attend experiences such as floating market and elephant ride.
There are many existing historical monasteries and monuments in Thailand, so we can personally experience the history of Thailand.
This time let me introduce to you the national costumes in such a popular tourist country!"

Among the Thai national costumes, the men's wear is called Suea Phra Ratchathen,the women's wear is called Siwalai. Because the royal men also wear such clothing, the men's wear is also called “Royal Owned Shirt”.

The women's wear consists of a rectangular cloth called "Sari" which is wrapped in the upper body and a barrel skirt called "Sarong". Because such clothes are embellished with lace or embroidery, they looks very gorgeous. Once upon a time, in northern Thailand, both men and women were naked in upper body, while it is said that some Thai old women only wear a Sari all their life.
What are the feelings of Yuko wearing such Thailand national costumes?

Siwalai, an exotic design to boldly expose the shoulders, if wears such clothes with unique design, we will feel suddenly we are in Thailand.

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