Tool of civilization information ?! Kotatsu


Dec 22 ,2017

One of indispensable appliances in Japanese winter, that is …Kotatsu !

The history of Kotatsu can be traced back to the Muromachi Period !
It is said that the Kotatsu was like that, firstly lowers the heat of ground stove, covered with ashes, and then put the wooden pedal with short legs on the ground stove, finally covers the clothes.

There are two kinds of Kotatsu now, fixed Kotatsu and portable Kotatsu.

Now there may be few Japanese using fixed Kotatsu.
The vast majority ordinary family are using portable Kotatsu.

A Kotatsu is composed of
・a table base with heat source・blanket・bedding・table

The temperature of the heat source in the center of table base can be adjusted, while there is a switch on the insulated wire.

Once crawls into the Kotatsu, you will really not want to come out ! Many Japanese are addicted to the charm of Kotatsu. Unconsciously, all the necessities are actually gathered around the Kotatsu…!

Be care of being poisoned by the Kotatsu.
Try to have a warm winter in the Kotatsu!