Japanese Food List of Surprising Foreigners 2017

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The Japanese food is very delicious, and even more popular overseas, but, some foreigners will still be surprising to say "Are you kidding? This really can be eaten?"
So, I asked some foreign friends living in Japan !
The latest statistical result for 2017 is like this!

Firstly, the most surprising event is not the cuisine, but the way to eat (laughing), as the birthplace of dumplings and noodles, in China, the dumplings, noodles and rice are all staple foods, but they shall not be eaten together.
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The chocolate fried noodles are a kind of food for sale only in Japan in January this year. Now, you can not buy it, and I heard that it is not so delicious (laughing).

There are some foods with similar votes, let's have a look!

・Sweet Ramen:The noodles in sweet juice/ soup.
・Chocolate on Rice:It seems there are special chocolate sauce that is being sold.

・Dancing Squid Meal:Specialty in the morning market of Hokkaido and Hakodate. When dip the squid into the soy sauce, the squid will start to move violently as if it were alive.

・The milt listed here is only a fraction of it, there are many species of sardine.
・Sashimi:raw meat

What do you think after seeing that?
Are there any food you also think unbelievable?
Although most of them may look terrible, yet they may be delicious unexpectedly!

Please try to taste!