Speaking of Japan, you will think of kimono! But do you think that each kinds of kimono are the same?
Today I am going to talk about a kimono in the comics which is called ""Hakama"".
Needs to wear boots to match Hakama? Wearing it to do farm work? Ah, 〇〇,a famous star, also wear it ?!
So I explore the world of legendary ""Hakama"".

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Long, long ago, in the Kofun period, the Japanese Haniwa wore a kind of pants-like clothes, then people believes that such clothes are the "origin" of Hakama. Today, we call the lower part of clothes wearing outside of kimono, but not including all parts of that, as Hakama. In the past, only the nobles and warriors wore Hakama, later many women began to wear the man's Hakama, so that various forms to wear Hakama are integrated into the Japanese life.

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・The Hakama we can see in modern times.

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That is the so-called Ordinary Hakama, which can be divided into two types of skirt type (Andon Hakama) and pants type (Umanori), even in today's Japanese wedding ceremony, man also wear such Hakama as formal clothes.

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Women's Hakama
has no difference with the ordinary Hakama, but women always wear skirt-type Hakama. In Meiji Era, when Western culture came to Japan, women began to wear boots inside the Hakama. Today, we can see many girls wearing gorgeous and colorful modern Hakama to attend the annual coming of age or graduation ceremony.

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In modem times, we can see priestess wearing such Hakama in New Year's Holidays who lend a hand in large shrines. This kind of Hakama is red, but it is very beautiful.

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The round-leg pants which the old country people wears are also a kind of Hakama.

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You may not be accustomed to this name, but you must have heard ""Ninja Hakama"". Yes, it is worn by the legendary Ninja. Because its hem is fixed, it is convenient for walk.

What do you think? Super handsome, are you ready to wear different Hakama? Now I'd like to introduce to you the shops in Tokyo that you can experience Hakama.

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What do you think? As a result, there is no doubt that you are one step closer to Howjp ! Just wear Hakama to take a walk in the Japanese street♪And wear Ninja Hakama later…