So many good things?! Get the Fukubukuro!!

Manga Designers Lab.

Jan 12 ,2018

In order to get the Fukubukuro many shops sell at the beginning of the
year, let's go to have a look!

"I must get it..." "Already in line!"

Go to shop earlier to queue up

"The shop will be opened at 10 o'clock, go to this shop, and then go to that shop ..."

Carefully prepare an action plan

“So cold...but need to put up with...”

Wait until the shop opened.
※ Make good preparations for cold-proof measures.

Rub-a-dub...(sound effect)

Because it is more dangerous, do not run.
※ Be careful of crowd flow.

Bang(sound effect) Creaked(Clenched)!!(sound effect) Things inside

I get Fukubukuro!!

Good! Next!

You'd better buy a Fukubukuro to start an excellent year, right?